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Art A' la Carte

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is feeling positive going into 2021.

I am very blessed that I have had a few commission projects this season. I love working on these jobs because I get to work closely with the client and partner with them in delivering artwork that is meaningful for them and special for me.

Here are the stories of two of my latest....

Eclectic teenager - This may have been one of my most challenging compositions I have ever done. A mom asked me to do a 'sugar skull' for her daughter. I had never painted any Day of the Dead imagery before...but I love the stunning I was motivated to try. My mixed media techniques allow me to include other elements and I always ask the client for extra meanings and symbolism...

I asked the mom to describe her daughters room for me.

Answer: " jewel tones, outer space nebulae, and Broadway"

and what about her favorite things?

Answer: "Newsies, Stranger Things, and Rocky Horror Picture Show".

I must say I flip-flopped between panic and excitement. I had no clue how to present this as artwork... but I knew I was working for one cool kid and I couldn't disappoint. I took quite a while doing research. I learned a lot about Newsies, the story, reviews, set design, and details such as the difference between The Sun vs The World. Stranger Things I had a good handle on.... I am a fan. For Rocky Horror Picture Show elements, I had to go back and research that as well... because I was not wanting to trust my memories from my party days. Those are further in the past than I would like to admit.

I am thrilled on the final outcome! The final size was mixed media on 8"x8" box panel. In the end I was able to incorporate four elements from Stranger Things, three from Newsies, and three from Rocky Horror. Can you spot them?

Just one more lizard - During the Wake Forest Holiday Artisans' Market, I was asked by a father and son duo if I could do a lizard as a Christmas gift for the mom. They were wanting one of my 3D art mini paintings I make with recycled paint peels. Both father and son told me about the mom's love for lizards and her art collection. I am thinking.... Iquana? Green Anole? Are we talking cute mascot or city stomping Godzilla? Thankfully the client was very helpful and sent me photos of his wife's collection. This is why the client is so important in this process. It was Geckos! Lots of them! Most of the collection was colorful, iconic southwestern petroglyph geckos.

So this little fella is what I came up with. A tropical infused gecko that has a ton of color. This was on a 4"x4" canvas that will fit in nicely anywhere. It is really satisfying when I can stay true to my artistic sense and aesthetic and at the same time deliver what the client is asking. Hopefully this gecko represents the love, thoughtfulness and intention the father and son had in commissioning this piece.

What's next - Out of the comfort zone trying new things.

thank you!

please keep supporting your local arts.

Living Artfully,

- delphine

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