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The Process


I hope everyone is embracing the joy of spring and looking forward to sunshine and warmer temps.

The Process

The question I mostly get from folks looking at my mixed media paintings is….

"How DO you do that?"

During my last reception I overheard a couple discussing my art.

Wife: “she paints it, then cuts it up”

Husband: “she cuts it up, then paints it.”

I was happy to tell them they were both right!

How I start: I will draw/sketch/ paint understudy paintings… art on different papers that are renditions of the same theme or motif of what I want my final painting to look like. Sometimes I will do 3 or more of these works. I will then cut them up and mix them in with a variety of other papers, looking for opportunities to infuse interesting textures and colors. With the final composition in mind, I arrange these pieces and glue them down using pH neutral glue ( I use #lineco glue).

Once that is dry, I will use “gum” or frisket (I use #pebeo) to mask out parts of this background that I want to preserve. I will work quite a long time on the painting before I remove the masking. It keeps me from filling in those 'gems of reveal' spots too much. Got to resist those impulses to control and overpaint!

My final steps are just to make sure that the squares don’t break up the composition and that the color flows easily from one side of the canvas to the other. The paint reacts differently as it moves across the different substrates. Sometimes there are beautiful surprises, sometimes unexpected challenges.

The end goal is to have all the deconstructed elements of the background come together and add depth and meaning to the finished painting.

Photos :

first is the photo of the before for my new painting "Almost Done" I have used at least six different types of paper, four of least have watercolor work, charcoal, and some coffee stains (went with the theme)!

second is the finished painting ....see if you can spot the different papers and the layers of images.

A few updates on upcoming events and locations you can find my art

  • Friday 4/1 is First Friday in downtown Raleigh. I won’t be able to attend, but its going to be a fun time downtown! Outdoor movie in the park, pop ups, art gallery receptions and the Dreamville Fest at Dorthea Dix park. 311 Gallery has an opening for a 5 artist show featuring works incorporating fiber…so a must see in person. In my studio 7C at 311 Gallery I have installed new work with a variety of trees! I love trees!

  • Bel Air Art Center is being sold but the good news is that the gallery is going to stay open! Yay! Bel Air is a wonderful hub for regional artists and the space just oozes light and energy. During their transition I still have three paintings available there. All mixed media… a sunflower (“Solo”), palm trees (“Trio”), and a hardware store street scene (“Hometown Series”). All of these are on my website too.

  • To the west of Raleigh I have three paintings at the Alamance Arts gift shop called Picasso’s. All mixed media a koi (“koi ascending”), a red tulip (“spring gala”) and a small mushroom (“wonderland”) Alamance Arts has wonderful programming and rotating exhibits! A must see! 213 S Main St, Graham, NC 27253

  • At Wake Forest Art & Frame Shop 139 S White Street. The shop has local art, pottery and and jewelry. I keep a rotating selection of my work there … a variety of mediums and always a few of my 3D paint peel mini paintings.

  • One more announcement coming soon! Got to keep painting!

Spring Art Events:

  • April 23rd 9am-2pm I will be at the WFGA Spring Art Market at Forest Fest. The Forest Fest event will include programming and activities in downtown Wake Forest while the art market will be inside and outside the Renaissance Centre. Look for booth announcement soon!

  • April 29th and 30th I am participating in the Wake Forest Garden Club’s “Art & Garden Tour” Artists will be located in beautiful residential gardens with an after party on Saturday. I’ll have all floral paintings in one spot! New ones too! Stay tuned for more info on where I’ll be.

  • May 2022 – I will be the solo artist at Wake Med North! The gallery wall is located between the concierge desk at the main entrance and the café.

Thank you for supporting the arts!

living artfully,


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